Soap Travel Tin

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Product Description

Quite simply this is a tin for helping to protect your Shampoo and Shaving Bars. Our travel tin is a really convenient way to carry your soaps and bars, particularly for travel where you may not be able to wait for the soap to fully dry before putting it away.

The What?

A tin for storing, transporting or travelling with any of our soap bars from the Borneo Breeze shower soap, to the Friendly Shaving Bar or the Friendly Shampoo Bars.

The soap tin is made of tin plate which is 100% recyclable and is very widely and easily recycled. It is also continuously recyclable, which means it recycles into something of equal quality time and time again, unlike plastic.

The Why?

We sell our soap in cardboard boxes, because they are the lowest impact and most plastic-free way to get you the product. We could put them in a tin, but that would mean you getting lots of tins and recycling them, which although more energy efficient than creating new tins, is wasteful. So we made this tin to take the soap, so that you could buy it once and use it for years.

The travel tin protects the soap and means you can take it out of the bathroom when not perfectly dry to take it away with you. These tins should be part of every travel enthusiast or business traveller’s kit for going away with plastic-free and convenient products that don’t have to go in the clear plastic bag at airport security!

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